Southern African Adventure Bucket List

Southern African Bucket List

‘I am prepared to go anywhere, provided it be forward’

There are so many faces to the ultimate travel experience that in such an astonishingly diverse region it is difficult to pick out a bucket list of what you want to see, do and feel. Southern Africa really does offer the full spectrum of experiences ranging from enchanting wildlife encounters, immersing yourself in the rich cultural heritage, exploring remote landscapes and wilderness to throwing yourself into adrenaline pumping fun and adventure.

With so much to offer the choices can be overwhelming so I have created my own Southern African bucket list of top ten ‘adventure’ experiences that I would like to achieve (In no particular order).

1. Hike the Fish River Canyon – Namibia. 

The largest canyon in the Southern hemisphere, only second to the Grand Canyon, offers a 86 km multi-day hiking and camping adventure through 1.5 billion years of geological history. Snaking through southern Namibia this stunningly beautiful canyon promises to fulfil an unforgettable challenge.

2. Quad-Bike across the Makgadikgadi Pans – Botswana.

Situated in north-eastern Botswana sits one of the largest salt-pans in the world with an area the size of Portugal. A stark, featureless, lunar like terrain which stretches as far as the eye can see followed by clear, star-filled skies sounds like a big place for feeling small.

3. Canoe down the Zambezi – Zambia/Zimbabwe.

What better way is there for exploring by canoeing down endless stretches of one of Africa’s most majestic rivers. A multi-day canoeing/camping adventure with breathtaking scenery and incredible game viewing promises an adventure that follows in the footsteps off 19th century explorer David Livingstone.

4. Pony Trek in the Magical Kingdom – Lesotho.

Pony pick your way along rugged mountains and pass remote villages to experience the unique life of Lesotho’s mountain people.

5. Dive in the Quirimbas Archipelago – Mozambique.

A diver’s paradise consisting of 32 islands, clear, sparkling turquoise waters, white beaches and a diverse underwater habitat to explore.  What’s not to love?

6. Cycle through the Nyika Plateau – Malawi.

After already visiting Malawi I always looking for an excuse to go back.  A unique experience to cycle/camp through Malawi’s largest national park amongst the rich wildlife and fauna.

7. Climb Table Mountain – South Africa.

I’ve yet to visit Cape Town and have heard so many good things about it. What better way to gaze over the city and ocean by climbing its iconic mountain.

8. Explore the Okavango Delta – Botswana.

Sometimes labelled as Africa’s Eden, this vast, freshwater wetland lies at the heart of Botswana’s arid Khalari desert and is renowned for its huge abundance of wildlife such as elephants, buffalo and lions among many others. Explore by walking, driving or canoeing is the only choice you have to make.

9. Tree Top Canopy Tour in Malolotja – Swaziland.

The biggest park in Africa’s smallest nation offers 200 km of hiking trails through a multitude of habitats with a huge variety of wildlife and fauna with opportunities to glide through the forest canopy with guided treetop canopy tours.

10. White Water Raft down the Zambezi – Zambia/Zimbabwe.

Apart from offering meandering canoeing trips you can ramp up the adrenaline on what is stated to one of the best white water rafting rivers in the world.  Definitely one to try the GoPro on.

This is just my top ten adventure bucket list and probably barely scratches the surface of what is available to do. Any other suggestions would be most welcome.

Look forward to my Top 10 Southern African ‘Cultural’ Bucket List.


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